MajorInternational Relations

3 year Bachelors program

Course in english

Full time course

The English-language BA in International Relations program runs for three years and ends with a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from Lazarski University. A specialization in European Studies is also part of the program.

The program is taught entirely in English and classes are from Monday through Friday, on an average of 20 hours per week.

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BA in International Relations

International Relations is an ideal field of study for people who are curious about the world and who wish to exert an influence on the social and political realities of global affairs.

Through this program, students will gain knowledge that is essential for making decisions in the areas of politics, business, and the media in an international context. Students will learn about the complexities of contemporary politics, they will improve their language ability and gain useful skills for the business world. They will also learn about the principles of modern international relations, as well as their historic, political, and economic determinants. In addition, students will gain valuable insight about the policy decisions and economic developments that operate internationally, and will also perfect their analytical skills, which will allow them to succeed in jobs that require strong investigative, diagnostic, and critical thinking abilities. Graduates of this program will also develop skills that will help them work effectively in teams and communicate successfully in an international environment.

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