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Law in local government

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faculty Faculty of Law and Administration

studies second-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration2  years

Studies mode part-time studies
(admissions closed)

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Admissions closed

Major description

In order to meet the expectations of the labor market, the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Lazarski University has launched a new MA course, "Law in local government" - dedicated to graduates of all undergraduate studies. The aim of the new field of study is to prepare professional staff in the field of the self-government's performance of its own tasks in the field of public policy, administration of local government community affairs, spatial development, economy, taxes, implementation of public investments, public procurement, social policy, obtaining and spending funds for the implementation of local government tasks, cooperation with non-governmental organizations and tasks commissioned by the government administration.

Local government carries out most of the tasks of the state. Anyone who wants to obtain a building permit, use social assistance, report the birth of a child, ask for intervention by the municipal police - reports to the local government units. Waterworks, roads, garbage collection are also the tasks of the local government. Supporting local cultural initiatives, housing management, and public transport are further responsibilities of a commune, poviat or voivodeship.

Performing these tasks requires specialised, well-educated staff which is able to prepare local law and apply the law established by Parliament and the Government in a correct manner, for the benefit of the local and regional community. The systematic increase in the scope of local government tasks means that people with high competences who will perform these tasks are still significantly lacking.

As a student of Law in local government:

  • you will gain knowledge and practical skills preparing for work in the public sector,
  • you will learn the basics of the operation of public institutions and financing tasks carried out from public funds,
  • you will learn the rules of creating local law,
  • you will learn how to effectively apply for funds from the EU budget,
  • you will gain employee competences valued in the private sector cooperating with public entities,
  • you will learn to prepare public tenders and supervise public procurement contracts,
  • you will learn how to submit bids in these tenders as a contractor and perform contracts concluded by entrepreneurs with the local government,
  • you will learn how the local government carries out its tasks in the field of safety and social assistance

Subjects carried out as part of the course:

  • Constitutional and European foundations for the functioning of local government,
  • System and tasks of local government in Poland,
  • Employment rules in the local government,
  • Ethics of a local government official,
  • Administrative law in local government,
  • Civil society institutions,
  • Law on marital status records,
  • Social welfare law,
  • Fundamentals of financial management of local government and local taxes,
  • Municipal economy,
  • Public procurement,
  • Real estate management law,
  • Construction law,
  • Functioning of the city guard,
  • Counteracting drug addiction and alcoholism.

Available specialisations


  • commune, poviat and voivodeship administration and units supervised by the administration
  • municipal companies
  • administration of the city guard
  • non-governmental organizations cooperating with the local government
  • private enterprises performing public tasks
  • public procurement contractors
  • institutions of control over local government

Faculty members

Programme fees2021/2022 academic year

Law in local government
polish language studies
year year
part-time studies
Semester Fee
4 620,00 zł
4 x 1 155,00 zł
4 860,00 zł
4 x 1 215,00 zł
Law in local government
Semester Fee
part-time studies
year 4 620,00 zł
4 x 1 155,00 zł


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