Specialisation on Management II field of study

Artificial intelligence in business

specialisation information

faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies second-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration2  years

Studies mode full-time studies
part-time studies

Admissions limit 10 - full-time studies
10 – (available free seats – 7)
10 - part-time studies
10 – (available free seats – 6)

Admissions open

Specialization description

Major description

Delve into the World of Artificial Intelligence in Business at Lazarski!

We would like to welcome you to our innovative specialization 'Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business' (AI). If you want to gain not only knowledge of advanced technologies, in particular the world-revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, but also the skills crucial for effective management and adaptation in a rapidly changing business environment, then our program is made for you.

We offer you the opportunity to explore the ins and outs of modern AI-based systems, learn how to analyze data from a business perspective, and gain skills for effective team communication. Our specialty will be your key to a successful career in business by efficiently using the potential of artificial intelligence.

Why choose our specialty 'Artificial Intelligence in Business'?

  • Fully adapted to today's challenges: surrounded by a dynamic and technological business world, AI is no longer just a trend, but a key element that influences the competitive advantage of companies and organizations. Our specialty not only enables you to gain skills in the design, management and integration of AI-based systems, but also teaches you how to effectively communicate and analyze the surrounding world of data and technology from a business perspective.
  • Combination of theory and practice: our priority is not only to impart theoretical knowledge, but first and foremost to equip you with practical skills that are sought after by employers. Our experienced lecturers, who have both academic and practical experience, will help you understand complex issues and their application in real business. Your knowledge and skills will be confirmed by a very practical project-based thesis.
  • Effective form of learning: ur specialty is based on a block system of subjects implementation. The timetable is designed to allow you to combine study with professional work, and a modern e-learning platform facilitates the learning process, providing access to materials and communication with lecturers. With the IT tools you learn, you will be ready to manage, design and analyze data using AI support.
  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge: our specialty teaches not only how to communicate effectively in a team and collaborate with business partners, but also how to use technology and AI tools in business and organizational processes. You will receive comprehensive knowledge that will allow you to develop organizations and innovate.
  • Expert certifications: during your studies, we will enable you to obtain valuable industry certifications used at the intersection of business, artificial intelligence, programming, and data analysis. These additional qualifications will increase your attractiveness on the job market and open new career prospects.
  • Open doors to careers: our specialization prepares graduates to take on the challenges of using AI in business, data analysis or cloud computing. Cooperation with our business partners ensures that the program is up-to-date and responds to current market needs.

Don't delay and open the door to a fascinating career in artificial intelligence in business. Our specialization is an excellent choice for those who want to combine technology with management, growing in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. We look forward to welcoming you!

The content of the current page was created using AI. We use what we teach!

Subjects carried out as part of the specialisation

Directional Supervisor

 Piotr Zieliński

Directional Supervisor

Piotr Zieliński

Piotr Zieliński has over 20 years of professional experience both in Poland and abroad in the field of IT service management, customer service, data and network security. He has extensive technical knowledge, team management skills and many years of experience in operational management. He holds a master's degree in telecommunication networks engineering from the Gdańsk University of Technology, as well as a master's degree in finance and a master's degree in information systems technology from The George Washington University in the USA. He is the technology support manager at The George Washington University, where he is responsible for technology strategy, operations management, and customer service for over 3,000 users. He is also the representative of the Dean of Economics and Management Department for innovation and technology advancements at the Lazarski University, where he is involved in creating innovative programs and integrating aspects of IT into economics and management programs. In addition, he is the Director of the Center of Human-Friendly Technology, where he supports the adaptation of innovative technologies and scientific development. As an adjunct faculty at George Washington University and the Department of Economics and Management at Lazarski University, he teaches information systems management, data security and other technology-related topics.

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Programme fees2023/2024 academic year

Artificial intelligence in business
full-time studies
year year
8 instalments 8 x 1530 zł 8 x 1620 zł
2 instaments 2 x 6120 zł 2 x 6480 zł
1 instalment12240 zł12960 zł
Artificial intelligence in business
part-time studies
year year
8 instalments 8 x 1380 zł 8 x 1470 zł
2 instaments 2 x 5520 zł 2 x 5880 zł
1 instalment11040 zł11760 zł
Artificial intelligence in business
full-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1530 zł2 x 6120 zł12240 zł
year 8 x 1620 zł2 x 6480 zł12960 zł
Artificial intelligence in business
part-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1380 zł2 x 5520 zł11040 zł
year 8 x 1470 zł2 x 5880 zł11760 zł


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