Specialisation on Management II field of study

Digital Business

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faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies second-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration2  years

Studies mode full-time studies
(admissions closed)

part-time studies
(admissions closed)

Admissions closed

Specialization description

Digital marketing (Interactive Marketing) is a form of reaching specific customers through interactive tools. The most frequently used is advertising sent via e-mail, although potential customers appreciate multimedia advertising in the form of sound or video more. There are many advantages to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital marketing. These types of activities allow you to precisely define the target group and direct the advertisement only to it. Another advantage of interactive marketing is the relatively low cost of such a campaign. Implementation of activities in a short time is also an advantage associated with interactive marketing activities.

Students who choose this specialization will be able to identify the most effective interactive marketing channels. They will be able to use digital in a practical way in synergy with other communication channels. They will learn the standards for measuring the effectiveness of conducted activities.

Subjects carried out as part of the 'Digital marketing' specialization

Integrated Marketing

The knowledge acquired during the course allows its participants to choose from various forms of marketing. Integrated Marketing (Inbound Marketing) is a collection of all advertising activities that can be carried out on the Internet. Although they are highly differentiated, so that individual agencies dealing with the provision of such services propose a slightly different offer, they have one goal. Their task is to increase traffic on the website and successively build and strengthen a positive image of the company.

Public Relations online

Online PR is shaping the image of an organization, service or person on the web. During the classes you will learn how to comprehensively create a communication strategy, how to build a marketing strategy and strengthen the interest in your brand. You will learn webraiting techniques and learn how to put out a 'virtual fire', i.e. a crisis in social media.

Introduction to interactive marketing

If you are interested in the role of interactive marketing, you will learn about the history of the Internet, its origin and ways of using it. You will also learn about the available advertising tools, billing models, and players of the online advertising ecosystem. During the classes you will learn about the basic concepts of online advertising, along with specialized vocabulary. The classes also cover an extensive topic of media research: TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor and Internet - and methods of researching the reach of advertising in these media.

Online advertising in business

The classes are designed to familiarize students with the specificity of the medium which is the Internet. Students learn the basic definitions they will meet while working in a digital environment. They will learn to use the synergy between online and offline channels. They will gain knowledge in the field of evaluation of conducted marketing activities, they will be able to assess what (digital) marketing support their business needs. They will be able to determine what kind of tools they need to achieve the assumed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Finally, they will have the opportunity to talk to people who have been successful in running an online business.

Strategic planning of online campaigns

The classes involve the transfer of knowledge necessary to conduct a strategic analysis of the company's marketing position, creating a team and a strategic marketing plan in the long, medium and long term. Thanks to the classes, students are able to assess the degree of strategy implementation and implement the necessary changes. During the classes we are up to date with the latest trends in this field.

Social media - communication 2.0

Thanks to the classes, the student will acquire information and expand competences in relation to a standard user in the field of social media, will be able to use these tools in practice in the area of ​​marketing and management.

Studies programme for 'Digital marketing' specialization

Full-time studies: 150h, 18 ECTS; Part-time studies: 100h, 18 ECTS

V (VI - Part-time studies) semester:

  • Introduction to interactive marketing
  • Online advertising in business
  • PR online
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Strategic planning of online campaigns
  • Social media - communication 2.0

PhD Michał Pienias


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Programme fees2023/2024 academic year

Digital Business
full-time studies
year year
8 instalments 8 x 1530 zł 8 x 1620 zł
2 instaments 2 x 6120 zł 2 x 6480 zł
1 instalment12240 zł12960 zł
Digital Business
part-time studies
year year
8 instalments 8 x 1380 zł 8 x 1470 zł
2 instaments 2 x 5520 zł 2 x 5880 zł
1 instalment11040 zł11760 zł
Digital Business
full-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1530 zł2 x 6120 zł12240 zł
year 8 x 1620 zł2 x 6480 zł12960 zł
Digital Business
part-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1380 zł2 x 5520 zł11040 zł
year 8 x 1470 zł2 x 5880 zł11760 zł


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