Specialisation on Finance and accounting field of study

Fin Tech and Cryptocurrencies

specialisation information

faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies first-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration3  years

Studies mode full-time studies
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part-time studies
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Admissions closed

Specialization description

Major description

The specialty 'Fintech and cryptocurrencies' is a block of classes that focuses on combining the field of finance with technology. The goal of the specialty is to educate specialists who have the knowledge and skills needed to design, develop and implement modern financial solutions using information technology.

Students in the 'Fintech and Cryptocurrencies' specialty learn how to use technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and IoT to improve operations in the financial sector. They also learn how to design and program financial systems, analyze financial data, manage financial risks, and create business strategies for modern financial companies.

The specialty is particularly attractive to people who want to work in the financial sector and are also interested in technology. Graduates of the specialty can find jobs as financial analysts, risk specialists, programmers, designers of financial systems, financial consultants, or managers in financial and technology companies.

There are many reasons why studying FinTech is attractive:

  • it is an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in one of the fastest growing sectors - there has been rapid growth in the FinTech sector over the past few years. According to a McKinsey &Company report, the FinTech market was worth about $1.5 trillion in 2020 and will double by 2025;
  • allows you to understand the application of technology in finance and gain the skills to use it in practice - technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing are having a huge impact on the financial sector and contributing to its innovation and efficiency;
  • gives you a competitive advantage in the job market - it allows you to acquire the skills increasingly required in the financial industry. Today, more and more employers in the financial sector are looking for employees with technological skills;
  • provides an opportunity to design and create new and innovative financial solutions that will impact the future of the financial sector. FinTech is changing the way we use financial services.
  • In addition to the necessary theoretical knowledge, students will gain a solid foundation in practical knowledge of how fintech works and the potential benefits for customers. The classes will take them through the basics all the way to detailed proposals and solutions based on a unique User Interface.

Implementation of the specialty will enable students to understand:

  • the entry route and stages of development in the market,
  • legal regulations for FinTech
  • FinTech products and solutions,
  • Omnichannel and User Experience for FinTech solutions,
  • introduction to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

Study program for the specialization 'Fintech and cryptocurrencies'

Full-time studies: 150h, 18 ECTS
Part-time studies: 100h, 18 ECTS


  • banks
  • financial corporations
  • audit entities
  • consulting companies
  • tax consulting entities
  • financial and accounting departments in organisations of different sizes
  • own business connected with the financial sector

MA Daniel Malinowski

Managing Director Mokka Poland

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Programme fees2023/2024 academic year

Fin Tech and Cryptocurrencies
full-time studies
year year year
8 instalments 8 x 1530 zł 8 x 1620 zł 8 x 1710 zł
2 instaments 2 x 6120 zł 2 x 6480 zł 2 x 6840 zł
1 instalment12240 zł12960 zł13680 zł
Fin Tech and Cryptocurrencies
part-time studies
year year year
8 instalments 8 x 1380 zł 8 x 1470 zł 8 x 1560 zł
2 instaments 2 x 5520 zł 2 x 5880 zł 2 x 6240 zł
1 instalment11040 zł11760 zł12480 zł
Fin Tech and Cryptocurrencies
full-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1530 zł2 x 6120 zł12240 zł
year 8 x 1620 zł2 x 6480 zł12960 zł
year 8 x 1710 zł2 x 6840 zł13680 zł
Fin Tech and Cryptocurrencies
part-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1380 zł2 x 5520 zł11040 zł
year 8 x 1470 zł2 x 5880 zł11760 zł
year 8 x 1560 zł2 x 6240 zł12480 zł


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