Specialisation on Ekonomia I field of study

International Business and Global Conditions

specialisation information

faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies first-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration3  years

Studies mode full-time studies
part-time studies

Admissions limit 30 - full-time studies
30 – (available free seats – 2)
20part-time studies
20 – (Wait list - please contact Admissions Office)

Admissions open

Major description

The programme of studies in economics is tailored to the modern requirements of the labor market. Students acquire knowledge and skills that allow them to understand complex processes in the economy.

Specializations in the direction start when a minimum number of students are recruited.

As a student of International Business and Global Conditions:

  • you will gain specialized knowledge in micro- and macroeconomics;
  • you will learn industry-specific English;
  • you will learn how to make strategic decisions for the development of the company;
  • you will prepare economic analyses for a single company and the entire industry, using modern IT tools;
  • you will learn to comprehensively analyze and evaluate contemporary economic and social phenomena;
  • you will gain knowledge from the best - we are taught by outstanding scientists and experienced business practitioners;
  • You will learn how to build a competitive advantage effectively using economic data;
  • you will learn how to develop proprietary business models and complex projects. Your concepts will be evaluated by experts at the Entrepreneurship 3.0 Gala;
  • you will be able to take advantage of the wide range of internships offered by the university - in multinational corporations, embassies, government offices, advertising agencies;
  • you will gain qualifications that will allow you to start your own business, as well as work in managerial positions requiring analytical thinking and the ability to interpret contemporary economic and social transformations;
  • after obtaining a bachelor's degree, you can continue your education in master's or postgraduate studies at our university.

Studies programme


  • financial corporations
  • audit companies
  • consulting companies
  • banks
  • state offices and institutions
  • EU institutions
  • non-governmental organizations
  • financial departments in enterprises
  • various sizes
  • marketing departments in enterprises

Faculty members

PhD Piotr Stolarczyk

Kierownik kierunku

PhD Piotr Stolarczyk
[Translate to ""] Kierownik Katedry Finansów i Bankowości

Programme fees2023/2024 academic year

International Business and Global Conditions
full-time studies
year year year
8 instalments 8 x 1530 zł 8 x 1620 zł 8 x 1710 zł
2 instaments 2 x 6120 zł 2 x 6480 zł 2 x 6840 zł
1 instalment12240 zł12960 zł13680 zł
International Business and Global Conditions
part-time studies
year year year
8 instalments 8 x 1380 zł 8 x 1470 zł 8 x 1560 zł
2 instaments 2 x 5520 zł 2 x 5880 zł 2 x 6240 zł
1 instalment11040 zł11760 zł12480 zł
International Business and Global Conditions
full-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1530 zł2 x 6120 zł12240 zł
year 8 x 1620 zł2 x 6480 zł12960 zł
year 8 x 1710 zł2 x 6840 zł13680 zł
International Business and Global Conditions
part-time studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1380 zł2 x 5520 zł11040 zł
year 8 x 1470 zł2 x 5880 zł11760 zł
year 8 x 1560 zł2 x 6240 zł12480 zł


Check out the qualification terms for your selected studies

Fill out the online application form

Gather all therequired documents

Pay an enrollment fee of PLN 85.

  • Transfer details can be found in the Candidate account after registration online.

Graduates of Lazarski University's undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) programmes are exempt from the enrollment fee.

The enrollment fee is non-refundable. It is refunded in full in the event of failure to start a course of study.

Deliver the documents to the Recruitment Office.

Wait for the enrolment decision.

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