field of study:

International Relations (double degree)

field of study information

faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies second-cycle studies

main language English

duration2  years

Studies mode full-time studies
(admissions closed)

Admissions closed

The program runs in conjuction with Coventry University

Highest wages according to Polish Graduate Tracking System

The curriculum of the International Relations major was prepared by Lazarski University in cooperation with Coventry University (UK). The teaching process, grades and the quality guarantee are compliant with the British educational standards. The students pursue a single course and write a single MA thesis but are awarded two degrees: British (from Coventry University) and Polish (from Lazarski University). The curriculum meets the needs and expectations of students from Europe and beyond.

As a student of International Relations:

  • you will be awarded two degrees; 
  • you will prepare for the role of a leader with impact on political and social changes;
  • you will learn to analyse and assess contemporary economic and social phenomena, including challenges and conflicts in the European and global perspective;
  • you will gain analytical and managerial skills that are highly valued on the labour market;
  • you will gain experience working in an international environment through everyday contact with students from all over the world;
  • you will be learning from the best: our lecturers include recognised academicians from Polish and international universities, experienced business practitioners, as well as current and former diplomats and decision-makers;
  • you will gain qualifications that will help you become a member of a highly qualified local and international elite, especially in the field of politics and diplomacy.

Specifically the graduate will demonstrate the following qualities, skills, capabilities and values:


  • research skills: ability to locate information and to gather relevant information;
  • effective usage of various quantitative and qualitative research techniques for social sciences;
  • ability to use both analysis and synthesis, to draw conclusions, to formulate and test hypotheses and build theories.


  • communication, presentation, interaction skills;
  • ability to make forecasts considering different time periods;
  • ability to apply the rules of diplomacy and international law to a wide range of situations and organisations;
  • written and oral communication in English;
  • teambuilding—the ability to work creatively and flexibly with others as part of a team;
  • mediating skills;
  • ability to plan.

Personal and Social

  • managing time and resources efficiently;
  • effective usage of IT, particularly the Internet, for professional purposes;
  • personal and leadership skills, including the use of group initiative, independence, and team working;
  • working in a multicultural environment;
  • creative and innovating thinking leading to solution of concrete problems;
  • ability to work creatively and flexibly with others as part of a team.


  • diplomatic and consular missions;
  • government and political structures;
  • central and local government administration;
  • international organisations and NGOs;
  • corporations;
  • media;
  • universities;
  • scientific, research, and expert centres;
  • advertising and marketing agencies;
  • own business activity.

Faculty members

PhD Krzysztof Łazarski

Kierownik kierunku

PhD Krzysztof Łazarski
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management for validated studies, Director of the International Relations Program - English-language studies

Programme fees2023/2024 academic year
International Relations (double degree)
full-time studies
year year
2 instaments (€)2 x 2820 €2 x 2940 €
Tuition Fee (€)5640 €5880 €
2 instaments (€)Tuition Fee (€)
year 2 x 2820 €5640 €
year 2 x 2940 €5880 €


Check out the qualification terms for your selected studies

Fill out the online application form

Gather all therequired documents

Pay an enrollment fee of € 17.

  • Transfer details can be found in the Candidate account after registration online.

Graduates of Lazarski University's undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) programmes are exempt from the enrollment fee.

The enrollment fee is non-refundable. It is refunded in full in the event of failure to start a course of study.

Deliver the documents to the Recruitment Office.

Wait for the enrolment decision.

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