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field of study information

faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies first-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration3  years

Studies mode online

Admissions limit 30 -  online studies
30 – (available free seats – 23)

Admissions open

Major description

Asynchronous (online) studies are aimed at people who want to study... their own way!

You won't find weekly or bi-weekly assemblies on them. Our studies are aimed at people who, for various reasons, cannot study full-time or part-time, live abroad, travel frequently, or those whose life situation does not allow them to regularly and attend classes at the University. You will be able to study anywhere, on a train, plane, subway or any other place and at a time convenient to you. You will appear at the University only at the organizational meeting on October 21-22, 2023 (Saturday-Sunday), and then only at the examination session ending the semester!

As you can see, this form of study is a time and money saver, as well as a great opportunity to get higher education at your convenience!

Those studying this course will be full students, will receive student ID cards and will be able to apply for grants and scholarships.

The educational process is carried out using distance learning methods and techniques, while credits/examinations and defense of the thesis are held at the University. The methods of teaching take different forms - lectures recorded online to watch at any time for you, analysis of individual and group case studies showing specific issues of a problematic nature, independent and group project work solving important management problems, or finally in-depth asynchronous problem discussions on topics selected by the lecturer and by you.

Studying the Management course in asynchronous (online) form, you will acquire all the necessary elements of knowledge, skills and social competence. You will learn to plan, direct, coordinate and control processes in organizations of different types. You will gain knowledge in entrepreneurship, human resource management, project management, marketing management or quality management.

You will also be able to deepen your knowledge and skills in one of two elective specialties: 

  • Interactive Marketing;
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Subjects carried out as part of the specialisation

Studies programme

PhD Adrian Chojan

Faculty Head

PhD Adrian Chojan
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management for research and operational matters, Director of the International Relations Program - Polish-language studies

An MBA graduate, an expert of the Polish Accreditation Commission and the National Agency for Academic Exchange, he has experience in the management of capital companies.

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Programme fees2023/2024 academic year
online studies
year year year
8 instalments 8 x 1425 zł 8 x 1515 zł 8 x 1605 zł
2 instaments 2 x 5700 zł 2 x 6060 zł 2 x 6420 zł
1 instalment11400 zł12120 zł12840 zł
online studies
8 instalments2 instaments1 instalment
year 8 x 1425 zł2 x 5700 zł11400 zł
year 8 x 1515 zł2 x 6060 zł12120 zł
year 8 x 1605 zł2 x 6420 zł12840 zł


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Pay an enrollment fee of PLN 85.

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Graduates of Lazarski University's undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) programmes are exempt from the enrollment fee.

The enrollment fee is non-refundable. It is refunded in full in the event of failure to start a course of study.

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