Specialisation on Management field of study

Marketing Management

specialisation information

faculty Faculty of Economics and Management

studies second-cycle studies

main language English

duration2  years

Studies mode full-time studies

Admissions limit 10 - full-time studies
10 – (available free seats – 8)

Admissions open


Marketing is an engine of market development. Marketing gives you the opportunity to effectively communicate with customers, precisely define their needs, create a brand image - all this using many communication channels, planning, creativity and project management skills. The undoubted advantages of marketing are the implementation of the necessary actions for a natural development of the business, building the brand, strong positioning and trust. In order to achieve optimal results, you must ensure that you create a well-thought-out strategy, considering the tendencies of a new emotional marketing approach, experience orientation and other trends and tendencies. Creativity, planning, business orientation and holistic customer oriented approach - if you are into marketing and want to be a certified professional of one of the core market niches, this program is for you. 

MA in Marketing Management is a program that aims to graduate certified professionals in advanced marketing. Practical approach of the program includes components that will make you have a real labour market experience and let you try different niches of marketing to broaden your knowledge, skills, understand which area of marketing suits you the most, and give a background for the future career.

As a student of Marketing Management:

  • you will receive a skills and knowledge about integration marketing, emotional consumer approach and holistic marketing perspective; 
  • you will learn how to identify most effective marketing approaches depending on the business models you are working at; 
  • you will work on marketing campaigns, brand communication, promotional strategies of advertising and selling the products; 
  • you will get knowledge base about the consumer behavior, psychology and trends of the modern market and emotional marketing approach; 
  • you will build your own formula of how to properly use creativity, planning, analytical skills and leadership skills to become a leading professional in marketing; 
  • you will explore different areas of marketing and get the knowledge in management, such as team management, resource management, creativity management, team management.


  • Public Relations Specialist 
  • Sales Manager 
  • Communication Manager 
  • Market Planning and Pricing Analyst 
  • Customer  
  • Digital Marketing Specialist  
  • Marketing Project Manager 
  • Art Director 
  • Event Manager 
  • Advertising Director 

Faculty members

Programme fees2023/2024 academic year

Marketing Management
full-time studies
year year
2 instaments (€)2 x 2520 €2 x 2640 €
Tuition Fee (€)5040 €5280 €
2 instaments (€)Tuition Fee (€)
year 2 x 2520 €5040 €
year 2 x 2640 €5280 €


Check out the qualification terms for your selected studies

Fill out the online application form

Gather all therequired documents

Pay an enrollment fee of € 17.

  • Transfer details can be found in the Candidate account after registration online.

Graduates of Lazarski University's undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) programmes are exempt from the enrollment fee.

The enrollment fee is non-refundable. It is refunded in full in the event of failure to start a course of study.

Deliver the documents to the Recruitment Office.

Wait for the enrolment decision.

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