field of study:


field of study information

faculty Faculty of Medicine

studies long-cycle studies

main language Polish

duration6  years

Studies mode full-time studies

Admissions limit 100 - full-time studies
100 – (available free seats – 100)

Admissions open

Komunikat Władz Uczelni Łazarskiego w sprawie zgodności kształcenia studentów kierunku lekarskiego z wymogami Komisji Europejskiej oraz przepisami polskimi.

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Positive assessment by Polish Accreditation Commission

A distinguishing mark awarded to our University by Accreditation Commission for the high quality student services and achieving the effective education outcome.

Major description

The advantages of medical studies at Lazarski include an individualised teaching process and the focus on the highest quality of education. The Faculty houses a modern Centre for Basic and Pre-Clinical Studies, comprising the Lab for Scientific Basics of Medicine, the Lab for Morphological Studies and Medical Simulation Centers.

As a Medical student:

  • you will be learning in small groups with the use of the latest educational materials and technological solutions, including  highly exact anatomical models executed in 3D technology;
  • you will be learning from the best: the classes are taught by experienced experts and practitioners with extensive experience gained in top medical institutions;
  • you will learn how to communicate with patients during practical classes;
  • you can use an extensive offer of additional courses that are important from the perspective of different career paths (such as medical law or healthcare management);
  • you will acquire the same qualifications as the students of public universities;
  • you will get prepared both for a career as a doctor (administering first aid; planning, implementation and procedures in preventive care, diagnostics, and treatment) and for holding management positions in healthcare-related institutions (health promotion and health education);
  • you will get access to a dedicated tool, which allows you to verify your competences in specific fields. After verification, you will receive a detailed report - a valuable source of information about your strengths for you and your future employer;
  • after receiving the graduation diploma, you may take the Final Medical Examination (LEK). After you pass it, you will be awarded a license to practice medicine.


  • public and private healthcare institutions
  • universities
  • research institutions
  • pharmaceutical corporations
  • social care institutions 
  • institutions dealing with consulting and popularising knowledge in the field of health education

Faculty members


If you have questions related to admission process, the required documents or the programme structure, please contact our admissions office:

Anna Kuska 
+48 22 54 35 502

Programme fees2023/2024 academic year

full-time studies
year year year year year year
2 instaments 2 x 35000,00 zł 2 x 36000,00 zł 2 x 37000,00 zł 2 x 39000,00 zł 2 x 41000,00 zł 2 x 43000,00 zł
1 instalment70000 zł72000 zł74000 zł78000 zł82000 zł86000 zł
full-time studies
2 instaments1 instalment
year 2 x 35000 zł70000 zł
year 2 x 36000 zł72000 zł
year 2 x 37000 zł74000 zł
year 2 x 39000 zł78000 zł
year 2 x 41000 zł82000 zł
year 2 x 43000 zł86000 zł


Check out the qualification terms for the medical studies

Pay an enrollment fee of PLN 85.

  • Transfer details can be found in the Candidate account after registration online.

Graduates of Lazarski University's undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) programmes are exempt from the enrollment fee.

The enrollment fee is non-refundable. It is refunded in full in the event of failure to start a course of study.

Fill out the online application form

  • When registering, it is required to enclose a copy of your high school graduation certificate and a confirmation of paying the enrolment fee.

You will be referred to a medical examination you will have to undergo before the qualification results are announced.

After qualifying for enrolment, gather all the required documents

Deliver the documents to the Recruitment Office.

Wait for the enrolment decision.

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