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According to the PWC report "Entertainment and Media Outlook 2018-2022", the global video game market will be one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment market. The company estimates that in the years 2020-2025 the average annual growth rate of the gaming market will amount to 6.1%. In turn, the analytical company Newzoo predicts that the value of the global gaming market will reach as much as USD 218 billion in 2024. For this reason, companies operating in the gaming industry attract the attention of not only players, but also investors and the world's largest funds. Also in Poland, the video game industry is one of the most important sectors of the market, and Polish listed companies such as CD Projekt, 11 Bit Studios, Ten Square Games, CI Games or PlayWay, with their value and valuation, are already surpassed by companies from more traditional areas of the economy. According to a report by DFC Intelligence, over 3.1 billion people worldwide are referred to as "gamers". The largest video game markets are the USA, China and Western European countries. At the same time, over 80% of the value of the entire video game market comes from the sale of video game software. At the same time, mobile games generate more and more profits.

In such a dynamically developing industry, new companies are constantly being created: development studios, publishers and game producers. In Poland alone, nearly 400 independent entities work and create games, of which only publicly listed companies are already valued at over PLN 30 billion, according to WSE data.

The field of management in the video game industry is aimed at people who want to connect their professional future with the video game industry. We will educate future managers ready to play key business roles in existing and emerging gaming companies.

Studies combine selected elements of the fields of study: management, project management, HR, marketing and PR, production, and are characterized by a strong emphasis on learning foreign languages, in particular English. In the course of the studies, participants will acquire leadership and production skills that are applicable in the gaming industry. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn about and understand the latest trends in game technology. Completing the course will provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to be fluent in the video game industry and the skills needed to perform a number of important functions in gaming companies.

As a student of management in the video game industry:

  • You will gain the knowledge necessary to start a career in one of the most dynamically developing industries in the world.
  • You will learn to manage projects, supervise the work of the development team, understand the specificity of game production and the role of individual team members.
  • You will receive knowledge of an introduction to Python with programming elements.
  • You will benefit from the experience of practitioners in the field of marketing, influencer marketing and PR of video games who have been involved in the promotion and publishing of games for years.
  • You will learn to estimate, budget and plan your video game revenue.
  • You will learn modern methods and tools for planning, motivating and management control necessary to work in operational and managerial positions in companies from the video game industry.
  • You will learn the professional English language.
  • You will gain apprenticeship in game development companies (Polish gaming companies).

You choose the specialty subjects at the end of the second year and pursue them during the third:

  • The video game market: history, structure, entities and events
  • Basics of building and managing the production of video games
  • Video game marketing
  • Finance in video games
  • Managing the release of the game

The video game market: history, structure and events

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the history of the video game industry, present the profiles of key game developers and people influencing the development of the industry, as well as the presentation of companies operating on the market, description of the market structure and trends that have shaped the video game development industry and the classification of video games.

List of key issues:

  • History of video games 12h
  • Structure of the video game market 8h
  • Personalities of the video game market 5h
  • Classification of video games: genres, types of gameplay, age categories 5h

Basics of building and managing the production of video games

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the basics of methodologies and techniques for managing video game production. Students will learn the basics used by video game producers in the production process, learn about the individual roles and responsibilities of project team members, learn to estimate the time needed to complete tasks, run a project backlog and solve problems using elements of Agile methodologies.

List of key issues:

  • Construction and structure of a video game - 5h
  • Video game production management - 15h
  • Creating project documentation - 5h
  • Project team management - 5h

Video game marketing

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the most effective strategies and marketing tactics used by publishers and game developers around the world. From social media to influencer marketing, cooperation with streaming platforms, social networks and messengers, e.g. Discord, and best practices in cooperation with digital sales platforms Steam, GOG or Humble Store, thanks to this subject, students will gain knowledge that will enable them to successfully launch their games for sale in the global market.

List of key issues:

  • Digital sales platforms - 8h
  • Building a community around the game - 8h
  • Creating a marketing strategy for the game - 8h
  • Creating marketing materials - 6h

Finance in video games

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the overall process of budgeting game production, planning fixed and variable costs, forecasting revenues from game sales, project risk assessment methodologies and techniques needed to effectively supervise the financial side of a game project.

List of key issues:

  • Project budget planning - costs - 8h
  • Project budget planning - revenues - 8h
  • Cash Flow planning in the project - 8h
  • Project risk estimation - 6h

Managing the release of the game

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the overall processes accompanying the release of a video game: localization, quality and other tests (QA), porting (transferring games between hardware platforms) and the appropriate configuration of the game, so that it was possible to release it on digital distribution platforms and physically.

List of key issues:

  • Managing the video game localization process - 8h
  • Managing the process of testing and quality control - QA - 8h
  • Configuration of digital distribution platforms: Steam / Console - 8h
  • Porting - 6h

Subjects carried out as part of the specialisation


  • Business Development Manager
  • Executive Producer
  • Publishing Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Line Producer
  • Marketing & PR Manager
  • Product Owner

Faculty members

Programme fees2022/2023 academic year

Video Games Management
full-time studies
year year year
Semester Fee5940 zł6840 zł7740 zł
Semester Fee - 4 instalments 4 x 1485 zł 4 x 1710 zł 4 x 1935 zł
Video Games Management
part-time studies
year year year
Semester Fee5100 zł6000 zł6900 zł
Semester Fee - 4 instalments 4 x 1275 zł 4 x 1500 zł 4 x 1725 zł
Video Games Management
full-time studies
Semester FeeSemester Fee - 4 instalments
year 5940 zł 4 x 1485 zł
year 6840 zł 4 x 1710 zł
year 7740 zł 4 x 1935 zł
Video Games Management
part-time studies
Semester FeeSemester Fee - 4 instalments
year 5100 zł 4 x 1275 zł
year 6000 zł 4 x 1500 zł
year 6900 zł 4 x 1725 zł


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