Professional experience recognition procedure

At Lazarski, you can now get your diploma faster than other students.
We appreciate your professional experience.

Thanks to the amendment of the Higher Education Act of 1 October 2014, your skills acquired in the course of your professional career or trainings exempt you from the obligation to take courses corresponding to your professional qualifications. Instead, you can apply for the procedure of having your professional background recognised..

It is a perfect solution if you wish to complement your education to keep growing professionally.

You can apply for this procedure if:

  • you have a secondary school-leaving diploma and at least five years of professional experience (when applying for first-cycle studies or long-cycle studies);
  • you have a BA or equivalent title and at least three years of professional experience gained after completing your first-cycle studies (when applying for second-cycle studies);
  • you have an MA or equivalent tile and at least two years of professional experience gained after completing your second-cycle or long-cycle studies (when applying for new first-cycle, second-cycle or long-cycle studies in a different major).
  • you will save time as   you can shorten your period of studies by as much as 50%,
  • you will not have to pursue courses in which you already have specialised knowledge,
  • you will pursue an individual programme of studies that can be partly completed through e-learning, helping you to combine studies with work,
  • you will only be paying for courses you actually attend.

Submit your documents at the Admissions Department

Deliver them either personally, by post or by e-mail;Your documents should include your CV, certificates of completing courses and trainings, your secondary school-leaving diploma (when applying for first-cycle studies), your university graduation diploma (when applying for second-cycle studies) and the relevant application to the Dean (application deadlines: L&A - 9.10, E&M - 16.10).:

Learn the initial opinion of the tutor

Within two weeks the Dean will draft an initial opinion as to what courses can be recognised, the programme of your studies and the estimated graduation time, the manner of pursuing the programme, and the costs (no fee is required for recognised courses)..

Sign the contract and pay the fee

If the Dean's decision meets your expectations, the Admissions Department will draft a contract regarding the terms of payment for conducting the procedure of certifying study results. The fee for the procedure is PLN 950..

Take the exam

The exam consists of  presenting a solution in a case study (a project selected together with a tutor) and an interview with experts. The presentation takes place before the Department Committeewhich gives grades for recognised courses.

Apply for studies

Fill out the application form and attach the required documents.

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