Lazarski Merit Scholarship

This is a programme for outstanding candidates who want to study at the Lazarski University. In this way, our University distinguishes candidates with their previous scientific and sports achievements, extraordinary hobbies, as well as socio-cultural projects.

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Discount for preparatory courses participants

Candidates applying for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs who have completed our One Semester or One Year preparatory language courses are eligible for a 10% discount for the 1st semester of their studies.

Discounts for Lazarski graduates

Graduates of Lazarski University who would like to apply for further studies at our University are exempted from the application fee and eligible for 10% discount for their 1st year of studies. The graduates who finished their Bachelor’s Degree program with Rector’s Diploma (awarded to those who obtained an average of 5.00) can get a 30% discount for the 1st year of studies.

Family discount

Immediate family members (siblings, parents, children) of Lazarski University graduates and current students (who have finished their first year of studies) are eligible for a 10% discount for the first year of studies.  


Every student of Lazarski University has the opportunity to submit an application for granting a scholarship.

The University offers wide range of social, sports and academic scholarships, as well as social benefits for disabled candidates and doles.

Discounts for socially involved students

Students who are actively participating in University’s life, operate in student research clubs, participate in promotional activities for Admissions and Marketing Department, Practice and Career Department, Department of Student Initiatives, Student Union, Academic Business Incubator, Institute of Citizenship and Social Policy can be eligible for discounts off their tuition fees.

The discount rate depends on the level of social involvement.

Work at the University

Students of Lazarski University have the opportunity to consider our job offers in one of the University’s Departments. The relevant job offers are usually posted on our website.

Please notice that discounts can not be combined. Choose one discount that works best for you. Discounts apply to studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Law and Administration. Discounts do not apply for Medicine and Aviation Law and Professional Pilot License programmes.